About Me

王震旦 Zhendan Wang (Max Wang)

– A not-so-complicated person
– Co-founder, Marketing and communication Lead @ Edukit
– Chinese background International Entrepunenr
– Pianist

 A simple person.

  • I have won many hats in my previous work: idea-maker, sales person (for idea), marketer, strategist and “the creative guy”.
  • I enjoy work with people across different culture regions. Listening to different ideas and perspectives are the best education for me.
  • I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong multi-tasking abilities, and the motivation.
  • I don’t care who gets the credit, I want to win the game.
  • I have been worked on multimedia for websites since the age of windows 3.0. I started really young and I went further.
  • I have a big vision.
  • Many people have big visions, but they don’t make them happen. I do — well, I try my best.
  • I’m the calm one who’d like to run towards fire.
  • I am confident in expressing to you that my multi-talented creativity mixed with my business knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit will ensure my success.


My Skills

Marketing Campaigns
User Experience Design
Multimedia Design
Website Design
Motion Music Composing